In 1983 Irv Pratt founded The Ancient Skiers, an organization dedicated to those who participated in the origins of the ski industry in the Pacific Northwest.  In 1987 the Ancient Skiers established The Northwest Ski Hall of Fame with the induction of its five original members.  Beginning with that initial class, seventy Northwestern skiers have received the honor of Hall of Fame membership!  In 1994 the Ancient Skiers incorporated the non-profit Northwest Ski Museum and Hall of Fame preserving skiing’s legacy in the Northwest.  The primary focus of the NSMHF has been the biennial selection of inductees to the Northwest Ski Hall of Fame.  But Irv Pratt always envisioned a museum.   In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the U. S. Forest Service building on Snoqualmie Pass served this purpose and more recently some displays were staged in the lodge at Crystal Mountain.  There also has been interest in a ski museum at Leavenworth.    Unfortunately various efforts to date have lacked funding and a suitable location to bring the original vision of Irv Pratt and the Ancient Skiers to fruition.  

Site on Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass has a number of distinct advantages for the location of a ski museum. The Summit at Snoqualmie is Washington’s most visited ski resort, the location is convenient to reach by the largest population center in the state and I-90 is one of the most heavily traveled east-west freeways in the United States.
Fortunately a new development on Snoqualmie Pass is underway by The Pass, LLC, led by Bryce Phillips of Evo and evolution projects. The location is prime — directly opposite the Summit Inn at the top of the Pass. Phase I of the development of this 5 acre parcel is partially completed with the recent occupancy of the initial 12 townhomes. A commercial building adjacent to SR906 is currently under construction (walls and mezzanine floor are constructed—roof next); WSSSM occupancy is scheduled for March/April of 2015. The museum will be housed between a restaurant and a brew-pub—both of which will provide substantial walk-in museum visitors. The 1,200 square feet of museum space plus 400 square feet of mezzanine will be leased from The Pass, LLC eliminating large capital costs. Full build-out of the extended Snoqualmie Pass property will include up to 108 residential units and 15,000 square feet of commercial space.

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Washington State Ski & Snowboard Museum

The Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum (WSSSM) has been formed and recently received IRS approval as a 501(c) 3 non-profit. The Ancient Skiers and the NW Ski Museum & Hall of Fame have both been very supportive of WSSSM and its location on Snoqualmie Pass.

WSSSM will be a “story-telling” museum together with artifact displays to supplement these stories. With advances in electronic technology this is the current trend among museums in Washington and around the country (e.g. Seattle’s MOHAI, EMP and Gates Visitor Center). Attached to this summary is a description of proposed exhibits, with associated videos, artifacts and photographs. Note that a fully secure display will include one of Phil Mahre’s World Cup trophies (on loan), Debbie Armstrong’s Olympic gold medal (on loan), various current items from 2010 and 2014 Olympian, Patrick Deneen, and more! Many artifacts relating to the history of snow sports in Washington State will be on display. Two highly regarded museum vendors have been retained to assist WSSSM: EDX (design) and Turner Exhibits (fabricator). These two exhibit specialists have completed some very high profile projects. The planning and schematic design phases of the WSSSM are complete, with design development and final design underway.
Our Steering Committee is working diligently to provide input to EDX/Turner, procure artifacts, prepare PowerPoint presentations and produce content videos for Museum monitor viewing.


Financial Summary

The financial obligations of WSSSM will include a 5 year lease with two 5 year options for the 1,200 SF of ground exhibit space and a 400 SF mezzanine. We estimate total annual operating expenses of $60,000-$75,000. The financing plan is to raise $600,000—over 80% of which is currently raised or committed. Funds exceeding the build-out will be set aside to help cover future operating costs. The initial funds from the Founding Donors and annual fund raising events will be key to the long term success of the Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum. No admission charges are planned for visitors.
The WSSSM is scheduled to open in March/April 2015.
Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum, P. O. Box 1301, Mercer Island, WA 98040

July 26, 2014



Dave Moffett, President, 206 854 3626;

Dollie Armstrong, Vice President and Hugh Armstrong, Secretary, 

  206 329 0815;


Graham Anderson
John Hansen
John Kircher
Gus Raaum
John Gifford
Wini Jones
Yosh Nakagawa
John Woodward



Steering Committee

Steve Allen
Duncan Campbell
Evan Day
Dave Galvin
Kirby Gilbert
Jerry Hanley
Wayne Johnson
Guy Lawrence
John Lundin
Susan Moffett
John Naye
Bryce Phillips
Lowell Skoog
Markus Virba
Nancy Beach
Leeds Chamberlain
John Forsen
Tracy Gibbon
Graham Graham
Greg James
Sheri Kelly
Jack Leeper
Jake Moe
Kathy Moffett McDonald
Kevin Nolan
Ty Rice
John Sutherland


Mission Statement

The Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum will be a centrally located showcase to honor Washington’s ski and snowboard legends, preserve this state’s ski and snowboard history, educate visitors about this rich sports story and inspire future participation in Washington’s ski and snowboard opportunities by these visitors, their families, their friends and their communities.